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Tab Raptor is a simple program for creating guitar and bass tabs. This program is for musicians who want a straight forward program that makes tabs. Features will eventually include a chord database and guitar tuner.

The User Manual is located in the documentation area.

March 27, 2009 I am happy to announce that Tab Raptor is officially available on SourceForge! Up until now it was hosted on a server through school so it did not get any exposure. Version 1.2 adds some serious functionality that I either had problems with or just didn.t have in the previous version. Thus far, the only major bug I.ve found is when using the New Tab function. It will ask you to save your progress before clearing the text area however the name of the file does not change. You MUST use Save As or else you will overwrite your previous file. Other than that, this release is pretty useable despite being a little bare. Enjoy!!

February 2009 I.ve been meaning to update the status of Tab Raptor for a while. (Time permitting) I would like to continue to improve upon the project.

December 2008 Worked out two bugs when saving to file. I have to clear the textEdit to get New Tab working properly. Had to have it append ..txt. to file name when saving. Added method to make temp copy every 5 minutes.

November 2008 Work on the actual program has begun! I am adding basic functionality such as reading and writing to file. I have .edit mode. almost working which is basically overtype mode.

October 2008 This is the start of Tab Raptor. I am experimenting with QT to find what elements best suit my needs. By now I have a good idea of what I need and have a basic window with a text box.